Dacia Duster Scratch and Dent Repair

Dacia Duster Scratch and Dent Repair in Horsham, West Sussex

The Challenge: Restoring a Burnt Orange Beauty

At Top Marque Repairs, we understand the frustration that comes with accidental car damage. Recently, we had the opportunity to restore a Dacia Duster in a unique burnt orange colour. The vehicle had sustained a scratch and dent on the rear wheel arch after the driver accidentally hit a driveway pillar. This incident took place in Horsham, West Sussex, and the owner was understandably eager to get their car back to its pristine condition.

The Damage: Rear Wheel Arch Scrape

The impact left a noticeable dent and a deep scratch on the rear wheel arch of the Duster. Given the vibrant burnt orange colour of the vehicle, the damage was particularly conspicuous, detracting from the car’s overall aesthetic. Our mission was to ensure that the repair was seamless, restoring the car to its original glory.

The Repair Process: Precision and Expertise

We began the repair process by carefully assessing the extent of the damage. We decided on a methodical approach to ensure that both the dent and scratch were addressed efficiently.

  1. Preparation: The first step involved cleaning the damaged area to remove any debris and ensuring a smooth working surface.
  2. Dent Removal: Using specialised tools, we meticulously worked on the dent, gradually massaging the metal back to its original shape without compromising the paintwork.
  3. Scratch Repair: Once the dent was addressed, we focused on the scratch. This involved sanding down the affected area, applying a primer, and then colour-matching the burnt orange paint to ensure a perfect blend.
  4. Paint Application: After the primer dried, we applied several coats of the burnt orange paint, perfectly colour matched, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next.
  5. Finishing Touches: The final step involved polishing the area to ensure it matched the rest of the vehicle’s surface seamlessly.

Dacia Duster - Bad Scratch & Dent on Wheel Arch

Bad Scratch & Dent on Wheel Arch

Dacia Duster - Initial Dent Repair & Filling

Dacia Duster – Initial Dent Repair & Filling

Dacia Duster - Working under a tent to keep out the great British weather

Working Under a Tent to Keep Out The Great British Weather!

Dacia Duster - Primer On and Ready to Spray

Primer On and Ready to Spray

Dacia Duster - Freshly Painted and Buffed

Freshly Painted and Buffed

Dacia Duster - The Final Result, Looking as Good as New!

The Final Result, Looking as Good as New!

The Result: A Flawless Finish

In just four hours, we transformed the damaged rear wheel arch of the Dacia Duster back to its former glory. The repaired area was indistinguishable from the rest of the car, showcasing our dedication to quality and attention to detail. The owner was thrilled with the results, appreciating the quick turnaround and the impeccable finish.

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