Subaru STi Bumper Dent Repair

Subaru STi bumper dent repair was needed. Top Marque Repairs to the rescue! This Subaru STi had a dent on the rear bumper that required a proper repair & re-spray.  For maximum convenience, the bumper dent repair was carried out at the customers place of work in Horsham, West Sussex. The mobile bumper repair completed within 3 hours while the customer was busy at work, so no negative impact on their day. Top Marque Repairs always complete their repairs to a very high standard leaving a happy customer to get on with their day.

Subaru STi Bumper Repair - Primer Prepared

Primer prepared and ready for spraying

Spraying Stage for the bumper repair

Spraying stage

Drying / Hardening Stage

Infrared lamps baking & hardening the repair

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