Audi S3 Paint Scratch Repair

Paint Scratch Repair to Back Door In Worthing

Another victim of the squeeze on car park space size. This unfortunate S3 got a scratch and run injury in the local supermarket. The owner wisely gave us a call. You don’t want to leave these scratches. The last thing you want is rust so the best thing to do is get them fixed as soon as possible.

Repair on Rear Car Door In Worthing West Sussex

We went out to the owners home in Worthing to fix the car.

We provided a quote over the phone then went down to repair the vehicle. The back door was rubbed down. The correct colour was selected with our awesome Standox paint mixing system. This mixes pains to manufacturers specifications.

We then resprayed it under our gazebo. That things earns its keep year round in our British weather. The wet paint is then cured (you can see our heat lamps in the pictures) and ready to drive 15 minutes after the paint has gone on. So this owner from Worthing could get on with their life with minimal disruption.

Audi Car Paint Repair In Worthing West Sussex Under Gazebo

More About The Audi S3

I remember when the first S3 was one of the first performance variants of standard cars that Audi produced. It was a very exciting car, with the typically great Audi interior. It was the best of the VW group cars to drive but its 210 bhp meant it felt pretty fast to me. Move on another 15 years and this car has an additional 86 bhp. It keeps the 4wd system though and makes a great safe very fast car. Its also a much more expensive car costing almost £40k now for a sensibly specced one.

What You’ll Like

Its a great place to be. Audi do great interiors. You also won’t loose much money. These cars retain their value very well. And you can go fast with the knowledge that the 4wd system will probably stop you crashing.

What You May Not Like

Despite perceived quality, Audi do not score well on reliability surveys.