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Audi e-tron Dent Repair

Audi e-tron Dent Repair This Audi e-tron had damage to the rear passenger door. A full dent repair was carried out on the Audi e-tron for a customer in just a few hours at his home saving him time and a large Audi dealership cost. Check out

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Jaguar F Pace Scratch Repair

Jaguar F pace Scratch Repair I like these cars. They are an SUV that also drives pretty well on the road. They should do too, given that part of the line up is rear drive only. Jaguar Land Rover developed it specifically so it wouldn’t steal sales

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BMW 5 Series Touring Scratch Repair

BMW5 Series Touring Scratch Repair This unfortunate BMW 5 series touring had a scaffolding pole drop onto the rear pillar, causing minor denting and scratch repairs needed to the paintwork. Left unchecked, the scratches would have allowed water to permeate into the metalwork and this lovely new

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BMW Keyed Car Repair

BMW Keyed Car Repair This lovely nearly new BMW 4 series had unfortunately gained the attention of some mindless vandals last week. Left with a large and deep key scratch in the front door the owner gave Top Marque Repairs a call for a keyed car repair.

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Polishing Your Car Scratches Out With T-Cut

Repairing A Scratch With T-Cut If you’ve got light scratches, ones that haven’t penetrated the paintwork it’s worth thinking about repairing scratches with t-cut.  This involves polishing these scratches out of the paintwork with t-cut. If the scratch penetrates into the colour of the paint – this

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Audi S3 Scratch Repair

Paint Scratch Repair to Back Door In Worthing Another victim of the squeeze on car park space size. This unfortunate S3 got a scratch and run injury in the local supermarket. The owner wisely gave us a call. You don’t want to leave these scratches. The last

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Paint Scratch Repair Mercedes M Class

Paint Respray For Mercedes Car I was called out to repair an otherwise immaculate silver Mercedes ML last month in Sussex. Somehow the nearside rear quarters of the car had sustained a few light scratches. The car needed some light prepping, involving light sanding, the results of

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Paint Repair To Porsche

Paint Respray Was called out to repair a beautiful red Porsche 911 last week. Such a shame to see its paintwork in such a mess. We sourced manufacturer specification paint to match the Porsches otherwise immaculate bodywork. A bit of taping, prepping and painting then it was

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Paint Scratch Repair to Land Rover

Paint Scratch Repair to Wheel Arch Was called out to repair a beast of a silver Land Rover Discovery recently. It had unfortunately picked up a scratch in a supermarket car park. These things happen all too often unfortunately. We provided a quote over the phone then

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Bumper Repair Maserati

Bumper Repair to a Maserati Gran Turismo Was called out to repair a beautiful red Maserati last week. The bumper had become blistered and damaged over time. We sourced manufacturer specification paint to match the Maserati’s gleaming bodywork. We prepared the surfaces then got to repairing it

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