Jaguar F Pace Scratch Repair

I like these cars. They are an SUV that also drives pretty well on the road. They should do too, given that part of the line up is rear drive only. Jaguar Land Rover developed it specifically so it wouldn’t steal sales from the Land Rover line up, so it had to have a more road based setup. Anyway, back to the Jaguar F Pace scratch repair.

This F pace had been involved in some close-quarter parking shenanigans, leaving this beautiful car scarred across the rear wheel arch. Once we’d assessed the damage it was time to get sanding those scratches out of the paintwork. We take the paint all the way back (as shown in the picture). The car is then painted to manufacturers specifications. We use Standox Systems which mix paint to exact manufacturers specifications. Once sprayed we dry the paint using our heat system. Within 2 hours of us arriving the customer was able to drive their car away.

Jaguar F Pace Scratch around rear wheel arch

Jaguar F Pace - Sanding scratched area

Jaguar F Pace Scratch repaired and sprayed in Chichester

A Little Bit More About the Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar claim it shares its genetics with the awesome F Type. Thats a bit of a stretch as this is a big car and it sits high up. If you’re comparing it to a similar BMW or Mercedes, I’d say its a nice car to be in and good to drive. Many pundits have pointed out that the meagre 2.0d is possibly the best engine. It sheds 100kg off the cars weight – compared to the 3.0d. And its torque arrives earlier. And its cheaper.