Tesla Bumper Scratch Repair

A recent bumper scratch repair was carried out on a Tesla Model 3. For this bumper scratch repair we show all the key stages used by our export mobile repairer. The repair was completed at the customers home in Brighton, quickly and efficiently. Once the bumper scratch repair was complete the ’22 plate car was looking brand new again.

Tesla Model 3 Bumper Scratch Repair

Tesla bumper scratch at the start

Sanding out the scratches

Sanding out the scratches

Primer paid applied to the scratch repair

Primer applied ready for paint

Colour and Lacquer applied to the Tesla bumper

Colour & Lacquer applied

Infrared lamps baking & hardening the scratch repair

Infrared lamps baking & hardening the repair

Finishing off the repair with a machine polish

Finally finishing with a Machine Polish

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