Bumper Repair Maserati

Bumper Repair to a Maserati Gran Turismo

Was called out to repair a beautiful red Maserati last week. The bumper had become blistered and damaged over time. We sourced manufacturer specification paint to match the Maserati’s gleaming bodywork. We prepared the surfaces then got to repairing it as you can see below:

Maserati bumper scuff

Preparing Maserati paintwork

Maserati resprayed panel

Maserati Repaired Bumper As New

So what is the car like?

This car is an achingly beautiful Maserati Gran Turismo. These are not cheap car, costing a minimum of £80k or more likley close to £100k when fully specced. It was first produced in 2007 and was highly praised by the motoring press for its beautiful looks.
Whilst it is a sporty car, it is not as sporty as say a Porsche 911. It is designed to take four people on long distances. Its aim is to get you there fast but without the need to visit an osteopath on arrival.

It has a Ferrari derived 4.2l v8 that pumps out just over 400bhp. Despite the power this car is relatively slow to 60mph, taking 5 seconds. A contemporary BMW hatchback can now hit 60mph in under 5 seconds. And for only £30k.

This isn’t what the Maserati is about though. The Maserati is about travelling long distances in comfort in one of the most beautiful cars made currently. Top Gear went a little further:

Quite possibly the prettiest car I’ve ever seen with these eyes. Any better-looking and I’d have to sleep with it, and that would make both of us uncomfortable.

Quite simply this car is about luxury, comfort and beauty.

Well made car

Despite worries that this an Italian car and may therefore not be amazingly well put together, Top Gear claimed that it felt worlds apart from the 4200GT. The seats are cleverly made from leather that looks better as it wears. The general fit and finish is generally of a high quality.

Should I buy this car

There aren’t a huge amount of these cars around. A brief look around Pistonheads shows prices starting as low as £30k for 2007 models. This does seem a bargain. Before you go raiding your pension pot it may be worth bearing in mind group 20 insurance and hideous emissions of 330g/km.