Paint Scratch Repair Mercedes M Class

I was called out to repair an otherwise immaculate silver Mercedes ML last month in Sussex. Somehow the nearside rear quarters of the car had sustained a few light scratches. The car needed some light prepping, involving light sanding, the results of which are shown below:


After a couple of hours the car was painted and finished and ready to go. At Top Marque Repairs we have marquees to work under so we can work in all weathers. We use Standox paint mixing systems to exact colour match to your manufacturers specification. The paint is then quick cured under our heat lamps so you’re ready to go within hours of the job starting.

So this is the end result:

Mercedes ML Silver - Rear Wing Repair

I’ve always liked the look of these ML’s but earlier reputation of the pre 2000 models always put me off them. However, looking at more modern reports of post 2012 cars it seems like they are a much more reliable proposition.

Mercedes ML Car Review

Most modern reviews agree that the latest incarnation of the ML drives pretty well and is very at home on the motorway – chomping through miles and perhaps miles per gallon… Having said that fuel efficiency for the diesel is quite impressive for such a big beast. It now does 47mpg, considerably better than its previous best of 33mpg.

In the corners you won’t have such a wide smile, the steering is slow and there’s plenty of body roll according to Honest John. Four wheel drive and good levels of grip ensure you won’t however be leaving the road backwards through a hedge, even in the wet.

Thinking Of Buying a Mercedes ML

Although discontinued you could still buy a new one from £48,000 up to an eye watering top price of around £100k. Depreciation is pretty cruel to these big cars, often loosing more than 50% of their value in just 3 years. The oldest of the latest generation of ML is still only 3 years old and will cost upwards of £20k. Buy a special edition and they represent outstanding value for money with high levels of standard equipment.