BMW Keyed Car Repair

This lovely nearly new BMW 4 series had unfortunately gained the attention of some mindless vandals last week. Left with a large and deep key scratch in the front door the owner gave Top Marque Repairs a call for a keyed car repair.

We went over to his address and started work on this BMW keyed car repair. Firstly the door panel was sanded back.

Sanding BMW 4 Series door

Rubbing Down Paintwork Prior to Painting

Then we got to painting the car. Paints are matched to manufacturers specification using high end Standox systems.

BMW 4 series Paint Repair to Door

Painted and nearly ready to go

To speed up the paint drying time we use heat lamps to dry the paint quicker. This means you can drive your car away minutes after we’ve finished the job and within a couple of hours of us starting the job. In the picture below the red glow you can see on the BMW door panel is the reflection of the lamps.

Paint drying on BMW 4 series

Paint Drying Using Our specialist heat lamps

Hours later the car is looking fresh and ready to go:

BMW after paint repair

Car finished and ready to go

We can repair cars in any weather. If it’s raining we use a gazebo to keep your pride and joy dry whilst we work on it.

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