BMW 5 Series Touring Scratch Repair

Car scratch in BMW 5 Series

Paint scratches to be resprayed are marked out with masking tape

This unfortunate BMW 5 series touring had a scaffolding pole drop onto the rear pillar, causing minor denting and scratch repairs needed to the paintwork. Left unchecked, the scratches would have allowed water to permeate into the metalwork and this lovely new 5 series touring would have been left to rust. So not only does it not look good to not fix your car. It also can cause damage that will be far more costly to repair in the long run. So get those scratch repairs done!

We repaired this car in the Summer so didn’t need to use our Gazebo. This gets used quite a bit in the winter – so we can repair your car in the dry. Good for your car… and nice for us!

The Process of Fixing The Car

Firstly we assess the damage. Then we get to work with minimal fuss. As in the picture above, the car is taped fully so that no extra paint ends up anywhere it shouldn’t.

We then get to rubbing the scrape or scratch out of the paint work until the surface is perfectly flat, as shown below. Then we get to mixing the paint. We use an industry wide recognised Standox paint mixing system. With this system we mix any car paint colour to exact manufacturers specifications. We then use over 22 years of car paint repair experience to spray paint the area. Expertly blending the colour so you can’t see the repair.

BMW scratch repair in Worthing

Paintwork rubbed down Prior to painting

BMW 5 series scratch fully repaired

Finished job with paint matched exactly to manufacturers specification using Standox Systems.

So that we can get you on the road as soon as possible we then put heaters on to quick dry the paintwork. This means that often you can be driving your car within a couple of hours of us arriving at your house or place of work.